Strategy to guide housing needs

Planning Minister John Day last month approved a change to the City’s district planning scheme, which will lead to the strategy being put in place.

It was prepared in line with State Government policies that encourage more efficient uses of land and diverse types of housing.

It aims to guide the City with its future housing needs as well as manage the character and amenity of existing residential areas.

“The City is expected to grow by up to 19,200 residents by 2022, and to cater for this growing population, the number of dwellings in the City is expected to rise by between 11,800 and 12,300 by 2031,” Joondalup Mayor Troy Pickard said.

Approval of the scheme amendment, and in turn recommendations of the City’s local housing strategy, will now result in increased opportunity for residential development and new infill housing stock, he said.

The amendment introduces dual density codes in housing opportunity areas to allow development at higher residential densities.

It also introduces minimum residential densities for development on large opportunity sites.

Some properties next to large shopping centres will be rezoned to mixed use.

A development bonus to encourage the amalgamation of lots for aged and dependent persons’ dwellings, retirement villages and nursing homes will be introduced.