Survey finds City of Joondalup residents satisfied with facilities, services provided

The City of Joondalup conducts a customer satisfaction survey annually.
The City of Joondalup conducts a customer satisfaction survey annually.

CITY of Joondalup residents are satisfied with the facilities and services provided by the City, according to a survey.

The findings of the 2017-18 Customer Satisfaction Monitor showed an overall community satisfaction rating of 84.7 per cent, 0.9 per cent up on 2016-17.

Of the respondents, 82.8 per cent said the City understood the community’s needs, up 6.8 per cent from 2016-17, 64.2 per cent said they got value for money for paying their rates, up 1.6 per cent, and customer satisfaction with services provided increased from 88.3 to 89.1 per cent.

“Respondents were prompted with a list of 10 services provided by the City and asked how satisfied they were with the City’s performance,” a council meeting document said.

“To maintain comparability across monitors, the questionnaire used was based on the version used in previous years, however the 2017-18 survey excluded the question on satisfaction with consulting with the community on local issues and the questions related to satisfaction with parking in the city centre, adjacent to schools and railway stations and in residential areas.”

Instead, the survey included questions on awareness and use of city centre parking facilities.

Most respondents (95.3 per cent) said they were satisfied with Joondalup as a place to live, with 95.3 per cent also satisfied with the Joondalup city centre and 75.9 per cent satisfied the City informed the community about local issues.

For services, strong satisfaction levels were recorded for sport and recreation (96.7 per cent), weekly rubbish collection (95 per cent), parks and public open spaces (94.2 per cent), libraries (93.7 per cent), festivals (92.6 per cent), graffiti removal (92.4 per cent) and street appearance (91.3 per cent).

A separate survey was also conducted in relation to building and planning services, with satisfaction levels for building services increasing from 82.3 per cent to 89.8 per cent and planning from 78.6 per cent to 89.4 per cent.

Mayor Albert Jacob said while the overall findings of the survey were pleasing, the City would look at improvement strategies to continue to focus on enhancing customer satisfaction across all City services.

“Joondalup has come a long away in its two decades since it was formally established and we will continue to pursue improvements in our customer focus to ensure the City remains a great place to live, work and visit,” he said.

The main survey was conducted in May and June and involved random sampling and telephone interviewing of 600 respondents from within the City, while the separate survey was of 141 building clients and 131 planning clients over the past 12 months.