Toddler hit by car in Duncraig

A THREE-year-old girl has suffered a broken leg after being hit by a car in Duncraig this morning.

Police attended the scene near Davallia Road and Trenton Way about 9am.

Traffic Enforcement Group Sergeant Paul Lopes said it was not yet known how the crash happened, but confirmed it was not one of her parents driving the car.

He also confirmed the crash did not happen at Davallia Primary School, which sits on the corner of Davallia and Trenton.

�When SJA attended the scene she appeared to be initially uninjured but wasn�t responding correctly,� he said.

The girl was taken to Princess Margaret Hospital to undergo scans, where they discovered she had a �pretty badly fractured leg�.

Sgt Lopes said the fact Major Crash investigators were not involved suggested the girl had stepped in the vehicle�s path and the driver was not at fault.

�Majors only get involved if there�s a culpable party,� he said.