West Perth Football Club agrees to City of Joondalup recognition for Arena Joondalup

West Perth Football Club agrees to City of Joondalup recognition for Arena Joondalup

WEST Perth Football Club has agreed to a sponsorships agreement with the City of Joondalup to recognise its significant financial contribution to upgrading facilities at Arena Joondalup.

Councillors voted in 2013 to contribute up to $4 million for proposed upgrades at the venue, including clubroom facilities for West Perth, which was to be paid in stages as milestones were met.

The City had budgeted to contribute $2.25 million in 2015-16 and the final $1.5 million in 2016-17, but because the project did not progress as expected no funds were required during 2015-16.

With the football facilities now progressing, it is expected the City’s remaining $3.75 million will be required in February or March.

The council was scheduled to consider amending its budget in September to allow this, but it voted to refer the item back to the chief executive to enable negotiations with West Perth for a sponsorship agreement to reflect the City’s financial contribution of $2 million towards the football facilities, which are estimated to cost $9 million.

The item was presented to the council this month, with an unanimous vote to amend the budget.

A council document said “a number of discussions” had been held with West Perth and both parties had agreed to a list of sponsorship benefits.

“These will ensure the City is appropriately recognised as a major partner of West Perth over the next seven years, with an additional seven-year period available at the option of the City,” it said.

Benefits include City branding on a corporate box with exclusive use for all home games, signage in key broadcast positions on the ground, public announcements to state the City is a sponsor and the opportunity for the City to promote its programs, projects and events at games.

The City will also have its logo on club polo and jackets but not on the playing jumpers, and it will be displayed in the new clubrooms and facilities.