LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Care does not go unnoticed

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Care does not go unnoticed

I WOULD like to give my sincere gratitude to Joondalup Health Campus and especially to Dr Clare Savage (assessment centre), Dr Richard Cordell, Dr Raj (Ward 2A) and to all the nurses for their professional, loving care.

To the nursing assistants and so many others who contributed to my husband’s daily wellbeing, it didn’t go unnoticed.

Where would we be without the dedication of so many wonderful caring people in our healthcare system? Thank you and God bless you all.

The respect and dignity that was shown and given to my husband James, who has Alzheimer’s, was deeply heartfelt.

Your empathy shows true understanding of the needs required when caring for a person suffering with Alzheimer’s.

Yes, it is a very cruel debilitating disease. It causes deep emotional heartache, not only for his family but also for so many other families and their loved ones on the same journey.

Words are inadequate as I try to express with love and compassion the appreciation of being understood and how hard it is to just stand by and watch our loved ones suffer.

You provide pain relief and ongoing comfort, but most importantly you treated my husband with humanity in his time of agony.

We are the voice for our loved ones with Alzheimer’s who cannot speak for themselves.

We need to take a stand against pain and suffering.

Remember, if it’s not acceptable for you, it’s not acceptable for our loved ones.

Being powerless to bring about change in today’s society is an injustice.

Life is meaningless if we do not have compassion and love, by taking a stand and helping our fellow human beings in their time of suffering.

The journey travelled has been long, hard and exhausting, mentally and physically. I have held my husband’s hands and felt his deep pain, his courage and strength, which told me I must fight for the right to end suffering; many people will understand.

We are both very tired knowing that my husband’s journey of pain and deep suffering has come to an end, finally releasing him from captivity, bringing peace, setting his mind, body and spirit free.

Sincerely, Aurora Stergiou, Tanya, Peter, Ashley and Jamie-Lee Nicol, and Melissa, Darren, Cooper, Ella and Carly Williams