Mayor Troy Pickard’s response is pure spin

MAYOR Troy Pickard’s attack on John Cussons in the August 9 edition warrants some challenge, especially to the spin used to substantiate the continual rises in local government council rates.

For the mayor to state that “Rates contribute to the delivery of hundreds of very popular services” is not substantiated when one looks at the council budget records.

They clearly shows that 68 per cent or more than $60 million of the total City rate revenue is used to satisfy its own employee costs and pays the chief executive, with responsibility for a relatively small suburban area, more than we the taxpayers are paying the Premier to manage Western Australia.

Local government should focus on best practice while providing good and well-managed local facilities and roads.

It should not be about trying to develop and kick start significant regional infrastructure projects that are clearly the responsibility of State and Federal government.

Responsible financial management starts with you and your council Mr Mayor, and if this is too hard, then maybe it is time to move on.