All ages in Cow Rock races

Held just off the beach north of Hillarys Boat Harbour, the course provided excellent viewing of the three-race series in a number of dinghy classes ranging from the Optimist to Lasers and Tasar.

The winds were strong, gusty and shifting for the first race, gradually moderating to be quite light by the completion of the last race.

Racing in these types of small sailing boats always provides plenty of thrills and spills as they race closely on compact courses, with the strong winds providing extra possibilities for conflicts between boats or obtaining gains over opponents.

These varying conditions tested the skills of the sailors whose ages ranged from 10 to 70 years of age with the youngest having only recently completed a learn to sail course, yet among them were high achievers in State and National competitions including Jackson Porter, Adam Brett, Jonathan Pang and Marcus Fisk.

Cow Rock Trophy Results:

HANDICAP – Optimist Bronze: 1/fastest. Optimum (B.Taylor); 2. Dinghy Blue (A.Gardner); 3. #38 (N.Wurster). Optimist Gold: 1. Skywaker (T.Giraudo); 2/fastest. Swamp Rat (S.Shuckstes). Laser 4.7: 1/fastest. Velocity (E.Wise); 2. #32 (J.Porter); 3. #143418 (T.Holliday). Laser Radial: 1/fastest. Cloning the Mammoth (J.Brett); 2. Ndege II (M.Fisk); 3. Ichabod13 (M.Edwards). Laser Standard: 1/fastest. Criss Cross (C.Bayliss); 2. Recalcitrant (H.Dymond). Tasar: 1/fastest. Zest (G.Jennings/B.Jamieson); 2. Rumline (A.Brett/B.Brett); 3. #2901 (C.Carmichael/S.Carmichael). Pacer: 1.#2 (L.Allum/T.Wust); 2. #6 (J.Watson/J.Tilson); 3. #1 (M.Masque/K.Turner). 125: Sweet Shiraz (M.Kershaw/J.Pang). 29er: Nautic Gals (K.Taylor/L.Carmichael).