NBL: Adversity true test of identity for Perth Wildcats

Angus Brandt goes with a hook shot against the Sydney Kings. Picture: Getty
Angus Brandt goes with a hook shot against the Sydney Kings. Picture: Getty

THE true identity of a team is not when results go your way and you’re successful – it’s the opposite.

It’s when your team plays poorly in games and the true test is how your outfit responds.

We are no doubt disappointed in our efforts the past few games; we were tested by the Sydney Kings and Melbourne United and the initial result is that we failed.

We let ourselves down; we played poorly, we can admit that.

If there is a positive from those games, it’s that the games we played against those two teams did not represent ‘Wildcats Basketball’.

If we lost, and we had played our style, and played the capability we are renowned for, then that’s when there are alarm bells.

I take great confidence knowing that we can play at another level and more so getting back to the style and identify that this team represents.

We are in the midst of a challenging road trip and being the big kid I am, it’s quite tough being away from the family.

I absolutely love Christmas, I love everything it represents: for a period of the year everyone can come together and share in the joy and festivities.

Having two young kids definitely brings another element to it. My wife and I have changed from buying gifts for each other and just going all out to spoil our little kids; nothing beats that happiness.

It also is a little reminder to check in on your friends and families that may be struggling at this time.

While it’s a joyful time for so many, there are a lot of people that unfortunately are isolated and do struggle at this time of the year – so if I can encourage anyone reading this to reach out, please do so.

Please have a Merry Christmas and we can reward all the Red Army fans with an early Christmas present with a win.