WAFL: West Perth clubrooms design revealed

An artist’s impression of the new West Perth clubrooms.
An artist’s impression of the new West Perth clubrooms.

FIRST revealed at a recent Falcons lunch and now first published here – an artist’s impression of the new West Perth clubrooms at Arena Joondalup.

The original arena architect and award-winning ECU library designer is overseeing the project that is due for completion by September next year.

JCY Architects principal architect Will Thomson said the “striking” two-storey building would have a curved roof element.

“That design element harps back to the (grandstand) roof… also on the existing arena; on the basketball hall itself,” he said.

The ground floor will include offices, ticketing booth, merchandise sales, ground entry, changerooms, areas for match review and medical trainers and a gym and warm-up area.

“Between the ground and gym and trainers is this blue terrace which is going to be opened up to allow spectator use for the games,” Mr Thomson said.

“The gym and warm-up area overlook those games with floor to ceiling glass doors and basically get direct access to the ground through the players’ race.”

The upper level will include a lobby lounge that will have memorabilia and trophy cases.

“It’s a waiting area, an ante-room if you like for a new function room which is catered to house 450 people. A balcony opens up to look out over the oval.”

He said the building would be finished with the blues and silvers “that are part of the existing Joondalup design”.

But JCY would also introduce more of the colours to reflect the Falcons branding.

“It is JCY’s intention to liaise carefully with the club to make sure colours, finishes, spaces inside the building reflects the desires and intentions of the club and branding.”

Mr Thomson said louvres would protect against the western setting sun from hitting “what’s basically two storeys of glass wall”.

“They give you this great effect from this angle they’re solid but as you work your way around you start to see some of the inner workings of the club itself,” he said.

“We’re pretty excited… this time next year we’ll be nearly ready to hand it (the site and building) back to the club.”