WAFL: West Perth confidence growing says Bill Monaghan

West Perth persevered in tough conditions against Peel.  Picture: Dan White
West Perth persevered in tough conditions against Peel. Picture: Dan White

OUR improvement in form in recent weeks has been a combination of two aspects.

One is the return of some key players from injury.

Having footballers like Shane Nelson and Kody Manning back in the side helps us get first use of the ball.

The second, which is really difficult to coach, is confidence.

Before our three-game winning game run, we were down on confidence, making a lot of mistakes and working harder than we needed to.

It was wearing us down.

Now we’re able to maintain possession and control the tempo of the game in a far better fashion.

While our victory over Peel was played in difficult conditions on Saturday, our perseverance and ability to keep moving the ball forward helped us to a winning score.

It was terrific to see Tyler Keitel play to his potential as one of the best on the ground.

No doubt, the rainy match was a day for defenders, but Keitel showed his exciting ability.

He was hindered last season after a severely interrupted pre-season, so we just hope he continues to raise the bar with his performances.

We have a bye this weekend, which means we will hopefully see the return of some injured players when we return against Subiaco. Corey Chalmers, Joe Morrow and Laine Rasmussen are going to play in a State 18s trial match this weekend.

Since we have the bye, we will provide those three as top-up players, which will hopefully put them in good stead to return against the Lions.