WAFL: West Perth president Brett Raponi against night grand final

Could WAFL fans see a night grand final? Picture: Dan White
Could WAFL fans see a night grand final? Picture: Dan White

WEST Perth president Brett Raponi has rejected suggestions of a night WAFL grand final.

He said the WA Football Commission had approached the club for feedback last week.

“I have a view but the board hasn’t been able to sit,” he said last Saturday.

“West Perth received a presentation on Thursday and the commission wanted a response by Monday. For such a complex situation that has significant impact for all WAFL clubs, there is just not enough time.

“My personal view is the game should be played on Sunday for a variety of reasons. It is the two best teams in the competition playing in the biggest game of the year.”

He said 99 per cent of games were played during the day so the quality of football had the potential to be eroded playing at night.

“I think also by the time a game finishes somewhere between 9 and 10 at night, the members, the fans won’t see the players until 11, 11.30 at night. And that is not conducive.

“But if Channel 7 was prepared to buy the rights and put some money in and the nine WAFL clubs could benefit, commercially we would have a different view.”