City centre parking pain

Councillors at last week’s City of Swan council meeting voted in favour of installing another 10 ticket machines across the Midland CBD.

The “free parking” period in each street will stay the same, except in Helena Street, where it will be reduced to one hour. The City has already spent $120,000 on the installation of 21 machines on Old Great Northern Highway, The Avenue, Stafford Street, The Crescent and on one half of Helena and Keane streets.

The machines were scheduled to be in use as of May 1 last year, but the start of paid parking was stopped due to angry retailers who claimed they had not been consulted.

The City adopted the Midland Access and Parking Strategy in March 2013, which it claimed would improve parking and accessibility in the Midland CBD and surrounds.

The cost of the 10 new machines is $54,000, but the City did not say when they would be installed.