Former Kalamunda SHS principal elected in City of Kalamunda’s extraordinary council election

Cr Kathy Ritchie of Walliston. Photo: David Baylis
Cr Kathy Ritchie of Walliston. Photo: David Baylis

FORMER Kalamunda Senior High School principal Kathy Ritchie said she is delighted ratepayers have elected her to represent the North Ward in the City of Kalamunda’s extraordinary election.

Mrs Ritchie attracted 32.77 per cent of the vote closely followed by former Shire president Sue Bilich with 29.66 per cent of the vote.

The new councillor was sworn in on Tuesday night.

“It is very gratifying that the community have put their faith in me,” she said.

“I see the role of a councillor as an extension of the volunteer work I do at Kanyana and the Hill’s Visitor Centre in giving back to the community and making a positive contribution.”

Mrs Ritchie will hold the position until October 2019.

“It will be a learning curve but I feel well prepared for taking on the challenges of being a councillor given my background in high school administration,” she said.

Mrs Ritchie campaigned on a number of issues including the need for aged care facilities, the lack of public transport, illegal dumping and ad hoc rezoning of land in high residential zonings.

The extraordinary election was held to replace councillor Tracy Destree who vacated the north ward due to personal reasons.