Forrestfield skate park to get lighting in bid to up security

Shire of Kalamunda officers recommended the council allocate $55,700 “to assist in the general public feeling confident and safe to visit and use the skate park”.

Councillors will consider the application at a meeting tonight, along with a grant offer of $25,000 from the Community Crime Prevention Fund (WA Police) to help meet the total cost of $80,700.

The lighting project should be completed by June next year if approved.

Concern about an increase in crime and anti-social behaviour in the area led to the formation of the Forrestfield Skate Park Action Group.

The group is a community-based organisation with representatives from local police and Forrestfield Forum shopping centre.

The group has supported the call for skate park lighting and CCTV in the hope visibility at night will reduce crime in and around the residential area.

Other requests made to the council include the provision of toilets at the skate park and a pedestrian crossing on Hale Road for safer access to the facility.