Forrestfield’s FastFuel 24/7 named Perth’s cheapest petrol retailer for 2018

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FORRESTFIELD lays claim to WA’s cheapest petrol station, with Cumberland Road outlet FastFuel 24/7 today being handed the honour by Consumer Protection WA.

According to FuelWatch data, the no-frills, unmanned station had an average of 135.7 cents per litre (cpl) for the year, followed by United Neerabup on 136.1 cpl and Puma Neerabup on 136.3 cpl.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard said the top 10 cheapest sites in Perth were all independent retailers.

“There are no major retailers listed in the top 10 this year, but there are times when these service stations might still offer the best price in your area so it always pays to check the prices on the FuelWatch website rather being loyal to any particular brand or site,” he said.

“There are currently 10 unmanned sites in Perth that have sprung up in recent years but we don’t think this will necessarily be a growing trend for the future.

“It’s interesting to note that the FastFuel 24/7 site at Forrestfield does not follow the weekly price cycle like most other sites, but it is still cheaper on average to fill up on Sundays and Mondays before the Tuesday price hike.”

The 10 cheapest stations in Perth for unleaded petrol in 2018: