Helena College Year 12 students have fancy dress fun for end of school year

Helena College Year 12 students have fancy dress fun for end of school year

FANCY dress day celebrations for Year 12 students at Helena College saw a smorgasbord of characters such as Ariel the mermaid, Ernest Hemingway’s nurse and Joel Crossing dressed as Aladdin complete with a home-made magic carpet (a longboard).

Earlier in the day, Bevan van der Leest and Jared Money dressed as Shaggy and Scooby Doo, with Alex Motroni as Velma, Oskar Matthews as Daphne and Blake Hocken as Fred, and tried to take the Mystery Machine through the Midland McDonald’s drive-through.

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Students at the Glen Forrest campus sported a range of well-planned and well-executed costumes, many made at home and some hired or bought for the final muck-up day activities.

The day was a chance for students to enjoy the pranks and activities of the last week at school before exams with their teachers, which included a helicopter hovering over the oval in the afternoon and a bush walking trail for year 7 to 12 students.

For students on the general course, the day marked the end of their formal schooling before entering the world of work, courses and a long summer.

Dressed as a cumulus cloud, Katie Brennan joined two serious sand snakes from Game of Thrones, who were Niamh Mercieca and Taylor-Rose Price, while Priscilla Queen of the Desert had travelled the Nullarbor by bus to be well represented with drag queens Megan Armstrong-Boase and Darcie Humphreys.

Wonder Woman’s super powers might come in handy for Briarna Stewart, who dressed in her costume for the last day of formal classes.

The final Year 12 assembly this morning offered a breakfast for parents and their offspring, while the student graduation is on October 28.