Perth: Parents and kids warned to be careful around trampolines and pools this summer

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PARENTS have been warned only to allow one child at a time on trampolines as part of a summer warning from the Department of Consumer Protection.

The warning, from the Department of Consumer Protection, includes safety advice for those giving gifts and swimming in backyard pools during the holiday period.

Consumer Protection Commissioner David Hillyard said it was important to choose age appropriate gifts.

“Button batteries in items such as toys and remote controls can be a risk if not properly secured and some toys may pose a choking hazard for younger children,” he said.

“If swallowed by a young child, button batteries can become stuck and then burn through soft tissue in the oesophagus in just two hours.”

The summer warning has been extended to those parents who may be considering gifting their children a trampoline.

Mr Hillyard said while parents and carers face the tricky job of putting the trampolines together ahead of Christmas Day, the job did not end there.

All trampoline use must be supervised and only one child at a time should use them.

The warning has also been extended to families with swimming pools.

“Young children are at risk when portable pools aren’t emptied between uses or larger above and below ground pools aren’t appropriately fenced,” Mr Hillyard said.

“Kids can die or be left with a permanent brain injury from drowning even in a small portable pool that contains very little water.

“Never leave babies or children unsupervised in any water and remember that baby bath aids or pool toys are not safety devices.”

Fencing laws in WA apply to any pool more than 30cm deep.

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