St Brigid’s College celebrates the debate

Pauline Chiwawa and Caitlyn Calderbank were both in the finals.
Pauline Chiwawa and Caitlyn Calderbank were both in the finals.

ST Brigid’s College is celebrating another successful tour to the Ursula Frayne Speech Festival, which was held this year at Catholic College in Bendigo, Victoria.

The festival, for all Mercy schools across Australia, is held annually and includes debating, voice choir and public speaking.

This year 14 Mercy Education Ltd Schools gathered with more than 160 students who competed in three categories.

The competition provides an opportunity for spirited competition and fosters a sense of unity across the schools.

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The Frayne Speech Festival was established in 1996 and is named after Mother Ursula Frayne, leader of the first group of Sisters of Mercy to arrive in Australia from Ireland in 1846.

Mother Ursula Frayne opened the first Mercy school in Australia on February 2, 1846, with ‘planks, bricks and packing cases as the furniture’.

St Brigid’s College co-head girl Pauline Chiwawa won the public speaking competition, closely followed by fellow Year 12 student Caitlyn Calderbank, who made the finals finishing fourth.

Pauline Chiwawa spoke on the topic “Win at all costs” and her impromptu topic was “Australia 2050”.