Crime rate increases in both Rockingham and Kwinana

Crime rate increases in both Rockingham and Kwinana

CRIME statistics for the Rockingham police district have increased by less than 6 per cent overall in the past financial year.

There was a more modest 4.3 per cent increase in crime rates for the Kwinana police district.

In the suburb of Rockingham, crime increased 14.6 per cent in the past financial year, while there was an 11.9 per cent fall in Port Kennedy.

There was more fluctuation in the suburbs of Kwinana, such as a 60.5 per cent increase in Wellard and a 64.7 per cent decrease in Kwinana.

Rockingham officer in charge Senior Sergeant Brett Rayne said he was pleased with the results.

“Although we do not want to see any increase in crime, I am happy we didn’t go over double digits,” he said.

“We performed well compared to other districts similar to ours, those that have comparable demographics and social indicators.”

Sen Sgt Rayne said there were a reduction in theft cases and a slight increase in burglaries. There was an increase in offences against persons.

“There a number of reasons for the offence figures,” Sen Sgt Rayne said.

“The figures were not specific to an area, such as the entertainment precinct.

“The majority of cases were in the homes of private residents.”

Sgt Rayne said there was an increase in the reporting of domestic violence cases as people, such as neighbours, felt more comfortable informing police.

More and more people are reporting crime online. Social media has also contributed to residents being proactive with reporting crime.

Sen Sgt Rayne said Rockingham police had a good relationship with external stakeholders, such as the City of Rockingham.

“They are committed to the CCTV footage and Smart Watch has been a valuable source of information for police,” he said.

Kwinana Senior Sergeant Rob Read said there were quite a few challenges in the district in the past 12 months.

He said the offenders tended to be mobile and transient.

“We have the tyranny of distance in our district and significant population growth in Wellard and Baldivis,” Sen Sgt Read said.

Despite this, he said the slight rise was a relatively good outcome when compared to similar districts.

“This is thanks to the policing team and help from the public,” he said.