Endeavour Primary School program has great pull

Endeavour Primary School program has great pull

ENDEAVOUR Primary School pupils have been getting handy in their lunchtime with a Pull Apart program.

Teacher Donna Pollock runs the program where students have access to building materials, clay, old computers, hard drives and second hand bikes.

“I have been teaching students how to use tools, how to choose the correct tool and how to take equipment apart,” she said.

“The students have enjoyed building things like boats, planes and photo frames with balsa wood.

“They loved modelling with the clay and made Pokemon balls, haunted houses and lots of trinkets.

“As the school had recently upgraded their computers, the kids also had hard drives to take apart, which they were amazed to see what was inside and how all the computer/chips and motherboards were put together.”

Mrs Pollock said they also enjoyed taking apart two old bikes.

Students then went to KD Cycles in Rockingham and Daniel Gray showed students how to put the bikes back together.

“Daniel taught them how to connect the brakes, adjust the brakes, how to put the chain, wheels and handle bars on.

“They chose colours for the bikes and I re-sprayed the frames,” Mrs Pollock said.

Endeavour Primary School students will now be able to win the bikes in a raffle.

Mrs Pollock said the program taught students life skills.