GoFundMe campaign launched for victim of alleged child sexual assault

Stock image. Photo: iStock
Stock image. Photo: iStock

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help an alleged child sexual abuse victim and his family relocate and rebuild their lives.

According to the campaign page, the nine-year-old boy – who was allegedly abused by a 13-year-old boy – is now suicidal.

The alleged perpetrator was until recently, along with another boy, at the centre of a parent protest. 

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Now local resident Kerrie McAlinden has started a funding campaign to help raise money to assist the boy’s family with moving and therapy costs.

“As a result of the alleged attack on Jake, he is now suicidal,” the page said.

“His mum is beside herself with grief for her son.

“She has found it difficult to obtain the necessary medical assistance that her son requires.

“She has had to seek out a psychologist and is now emotionally and financially wrought.

“Let’s try to help them to a new start in life.

“It will be an extremely bumpy one for a very long time to come, so anything that we can do to help buffer the stress and financial hardship will be very much appreciated.”