Hefty fine for driving almost twice the speed limit in Orelia

The prosecutor told Rockingham Magistrate Richard George Bayly that Wayne Lepett had a prior conviction from 2014, where he was disqualified from driving for six months.

Lepett initially pleaded not guilty to a charge of exceeding the speed limit by 45km/h or more.

Magistrate Bayly made a date for a trial in June, which appeared to agitate Lepett.

“Can’t it be dealt with today?” Lepett asked.

Magistrate Bayly said trials were not done on the first appearance, to which Lepett said he pleaded not guilty because he thought the charge was not fair.

“I’m out of work at the moment and need to get my car out of impoundment,” he said.

“I need my car because I work as a plumber. I can’t do travel on a bus. I work as a subbie, I carry tools around.

“I’ve got bills to pay straight away – I said I was not guilty because it is unfair – but I was speeding,” he said.

Magistrate Bayly said the court did not negotiate. “I have no discretion; you will lose your licence,” he said.

Lepett then changed his plea to guilty.

Along with the fine, Magistrate Bayly disqualified Lepett from driving for 12 months.

However, Lepett then questioned the 12- months disqualification.

“I need my licence to pay bills and I can’t earn money without a car.

“I’m desolate. I have no money in the bank.

“That’s a bit harsh.”

Magistrate Bayly repeated what he told Lepett earlier.

“I have no discretion; that is the Parliament,” he said.

“It’s 12 months; there is nothing I can do about it.”