Man finds Shoalwater Surf shop theft not a swell idea

A MAN who assaulted a surf shop worker was ordered by Magistrate Michael Wheeler to pay his fine to the victim.

Appearing in custody, Drew Knight pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm, stealing and trespass at Rockingham Magistrates Court on August 29.

The prosecutor said the incident happened on May 13 when Knight went to the Seabreeze Surf Shop in Shoalwater.

Knight went to the store where he selected $616 worth of clothing items and went to the change rooms where he placed them in his bag.

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The store assistant asked to look in his bag as he was leaving.

Initially he showed the worker but when he recognised store items he attempted to grab the bag from Knight.

Knight grabbed the worker by the arm and pushed the worker on the chest, causing him to fall back heavily.

The prosecutor said Knight had also forced entry to a new home in Hammond Park, Success on June 19.

He told police later that it was raining and he had gone there to get himself dry.

The duty lawyer said Knight had issues with drugs and alcohol for some time and the facts were accepted.

He said he had also washed himself in the bathroom sink at the house, wanted to sleep and had somehow cut himself.

Magistrate Wheeler said Knight had no respect for anyone.

“You have been disrespecting everybody because of your drugs,” he said.

He fined him $750 for the assault, $750 for the stealing and ordered he pay $616 compensation for the stolen clothes.