Mercy Reigns in the Journey of Faith: faith frees Kwinana author

Dani Mkhwananzi has written a book about how her faith changed her life.
Dani Mkhwananzi has written a book about how her faith changed her life.

DANI Mkhwananzi discovered through immense pain she was able to finally surrender to something bigger than herself.

Ms Mkhwananzi was so moved by that experience she has written a book, Mercy Reigns in the Journey of Faith.

“It is a Christian book about my life and what I went through and now how my life has changed and is different since I committed to Christianity,” she said.

Born in a very remote area in Zimbabwe she faced challenges from then on such as limited access to medical facilities and a difficult family life and being sexually assaulted.

Those early experiences shaped much of her life where she suffered low-self-esteem.

She said that one day she was ready to end it all.

“I was in such a bad place. I wanted to commit suicide but I had a vision of my children at my funeral all standing around my coffin. That scared me,” she said.

“About that time a friend came to me and started me on this journey by referring me to church. I went there with all my heart, determined to turn things around and face my problems.

“It took about six to eight months then I started seeing small changes until eventually everything changed for the better in my life. My life with my children has also changed and got better.”

She said it took her about six months to write the book, which she started by writing in bits and pieces.

“I feel so happy now, I just want to share my journey with others,” she said.

“I realised we are all on a journey in our lives that is our responsibility.”