Pt Peron unlikely home to Pokemon

Pt Peron unlikely home to Pokemon
Pt Peron unlikely home to Pokemon

POINT Peron is home to rugged views, war bunkers, crashing waves and swathes of…. Pokémon?

The nature reserve has become a Pokémon hot-spot for hunters of the virtual creatures.

Visitor numbers to the park have doubled since the game became available. It is attracting people from as far as Perth and Mandurah on the hunt for some of the rare creatures.

Taj Bick and Bailey McDougal (both 8) from Baldivis, said they wait for the weekend to come so they can go Pokémon hunting at Point Peron.

Taj said a Machamp is the best Pokémon he has caught at the Point. Some players say the Lapras (a rare water Pokémon) occasionally visits there.

Department of Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman Heather Quinlan said tens of thousands of people visit Point Peron each month.

“Since July that number has almost doubled,” she said.

One 60-year-old member of the public – he did not want to be named because he was meant to be at work – told us he visited the Point regularly.

He said he started playing the game “to annoy his grandkids”.