Safety Bay: man fined for bobcat theft

A $30,000 BOBCAT stolen from a building site in West Leederville has made its way to a Safety Bay backyard.

Robert Lavars pleaded guilty to stealing when he appeared at Rockingham Magistrates Court on September 30.

The prosecutor said it happened between February 28 and March 3 this year.

At a later date a search warrant was executed at a residence in Safety Bay where police found the bobcat and bucket attachment in the backyard.

His lawyer said the 50-year-old he was building a shed and contacted a couple of young men to do earthworks.

They turned up with the bobcat, used it then just left it there.

He said he did make inquiries and found out it was stolen but did not do anything about it. Magistrate Adam Hills-Wright doubted the feasibility of Lavars explanation.

“Your client should know people don’t just leave expensive equipment lying around,” he said.

“He’s no stranger to criminal law from looking at his record.

“What’s the point of putting him on a further order; he’s had 18 months of it before in 2012.

“It didn’t stop him from getting involved in this behaviour. “It’s steal by use. You’re not a teenager – you’re a grown man.

“I can’t see benefits of a further order; you can go and get some help for yourself.

“The owners of the equipment needed it for their business and you deprived them of that.”

Magistrate Hills-Wright fined Lavars $3000.

The bobcat is back with its owner.