Synergy says power bill surges in Baldivis reflect seasonal use

Synergy says power bill surges in Baldivis reflect seasonal use

SYNERGY maintains big bills experienced by residents in the Baldivis area are caused by seasonal useage, after listening to 40 customers in local shopping centres.

The electricity supplier held information stalls in Baldivis Stockland Shopping Centre and Rockingham Central two weeks ago at the request of Baldivis MLA Reece Whitby.

Concerned residents could bring their bills to Synergy staff and learn power saving-tips.

On March 27, a Synergy spokesperson said recent investigations reflected an increase in seasonal useage, not any identified billing or metering issues.

“About 40 customers took the opportunity to interact with Synergy’s mobile Energy Tool, with staff on hand to assist them to better understand their bills, and help with queries relating to the installation of solar systems,” she said.

The Energy Tool can be found on Synergy’s website, and includes tips on how customers can manage their energy consumption.

“If customers have any concerns relating to the account, they are encouraged to contact Synergy on 13 13 53 and we’ll be happy to investigate their individual circumstances and compare their usage and billing to that of previous periods.”

Residents gathered in a local park earlier in March to speak with Mr Whitby about their bills and useage, may of which had nearly doubled since the previous summer.

People can also refer their case to the Energy and Water Ombudsman

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