Warnbro man fined $1000 for smashing sister’s car worth only $400

A MAN who threw a concrete slab at his sister’s car has been fined $1000.

Luke Trevor Dahl pleaded guilty to criminal damage when he appeared at Rockingham Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

The prosecutor said Dahl was at his home in Warnbro when the incident happened.

He said there was an altercation between his siblings and an argument with his sister before he damaged the car.

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He grabbed a concrete slab from the garden and threw it at the car, which caused a dent on the passenger side.

He then picked up the slab again and threw it at the passenger window, smashing it.

Then he went inside the house to return with a wooden pole that he used to smash the back window of the car.

Damage was estimated at $550.

Magistrate Michael Wheeler questioned Dahl about the incident.

“What was all that about?” he said.

Dahl said there was earlier damage.

“My sister came to get a bankcard. I told her to leave and she hit my ex’s car with a hammer,” he said.

“She started it – so I finished it.”

Magistrate Wheeler said “Okay…” before Dahl continued.

“It wasn’t even her car, it was someone else’s,” he said.

“It (the car) was only worth $400.”