Woman who bit police officer in Calista labelled a “liar”

Picture: File photo.
Picture: File photo.

A WOMAN who bit a police officer’s arm was told by the Magistrate she was a “liar”.

Hollie Jane Carpenter appeared at Rockingham Magistrates Court on January 23 charged with assault public officer.

She had originally pleaded not guilty to the charge but changed her plea on Monday.

The prosecutor said police were called to a house in Calista on October 1, 2016 after receiving calls of a disturbance earlier at the same address.

When police arrived, Carpenter became involved in a fight with another woman.

Police said she pulled the victim by the hair and as police tried to pull Carpenter off the victim, she turned around and bit down with force onto the officer’s arm.

It caused him pain.

The prosecutor said “even though the officer was wearing a heavy jacket, swelling and an abrasion still appeared on his arm”.

Photographs were submitted to the Magistrate of the officer’s injuries.

The duty lawyer for Carpenter said she had been on a wine tour with friends for her brother’s birthday earlier in that day.

She said police were called for an earlier altercation where her brother had been knocked unconscious.

“She was trying to attend to her brother but his girlfriend tried to stop so she pulled her hair and got into a fight with her,” she said.

“She didn’t realise it was a police officer who grabbed her as she caught up in the fight.”

Magistrate Michael Wheeler doubted her version of the incident.

“Sounds like liar, liar pants on fire’,” he said.

“Doesn’t sound like a person who’s been on a wine tour.”

The lawyer said that they were her instructions.

She asked for a Community Based Order or to consider the minimum prison term.

Magistrate Wheeler spoke directly to Carpenter.

“Everybody’s responsible for their behaviour when they have been drinking,” he said.

“You clearly weren’t thinking at all.

“It just shows what a person of good character does when they aren’t in control.

“There is a prison term to this offence because of what police have to put up with.

“They can be in really nasty situations.

“That’s why they have tasers and guns.

“Alcohol takes things from a lovely day to a bad day if you drink too much.”

He placed her on a $1000 good behaviour bond for 12 months.