Someone please explain to me why Kwinana Freeway traffic is so bad around Cockburn

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PERTH drivers, we need to talk.

For quite some time now, I have experienced what can only be described as a completely illogical ‘bottleneck’ on the Kwinana Freeway northbound – and it is driving me crazy.

It started a few years back when the freeway widening works were taking place.

Understandably enough, the roadworks at the time slowed the traffic travelling north from Kwinana and driving through the Cockburn area.

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But here’s the issue – inexplicably, the bottleneck continued after the roadworks were completed.

It doesn’t matter what time of day you drive through there – once you’re past the Anketell Road exit, on your way up north, the traffic slows down to a crawl.

There is no change to the number of lanes, so there is no physical bottleneck with which drivers must contend.

There is no change to the speed limit.

In fact there are no logical reasons for the slowdown whatsoever – but still, it happens all the time!

I’ve experienced the traffic crawl at 10.30am, at 1pm and even at 5pm when – logically – the traffic should be busier going in the opposite direction.

And the most bizarre aspect of it all is that once you’re through that stretch and have gone past the Roe Highway exit, the freeway opens up again.

I’ve never seen a traffic crash or breakdown at the end of this section – so even that excuse does not cover it.

So can anyone tell me what it is exactly about that area that makes it so difficult to drive normally?

Is it something to do with Kwinana or Cockburn drivers – do they behave a little differently to other drivers from around Perth?

Is it a mental thing? Did people get so used to slowing down for the roadworks that they did not realise they could drive normally again?

I feel like this is an issue that needs to be sorted – and quickly – so that we can move past the idea that Perth drivers are no good.

Because right now, that little strip of freeway is making us all look bad.