Assassins a highly engaging and comical Sondheim musical

Nine assassins or would-be assassins in Assassins.
Nine assassins or would-be assassins in Assassins.

A HANDFUL of assassins or would-be assassins of US presidents are the star turn in Stephen Sondheim’s quirky Assassins at the State Theatre.

But the enjoyable musical does not condone assassination.

With amazing lyrics and catchy tunes, the bold and often very funny Assassins looks at, among others, three 19th century presidential assassins – John Wilkes Booth who put paid to Abraham Lincoln and the lesser-known killers of presidents Garfield and McKinley – John Hinkley, Charlie Manson fans Lynette ‘Squeaky’ Fromme and Sarah Jane Moore and Lee Harvey Oswald.

Nine deluded misfits are enticed to believe their problems will be solved if they kill a president.

Each has been promised a dream but feel they have been denied that dream and the only way to fame is by committing an unthinkable act.

In a revue-style performance, each are shown committing or attempting to commit the act and each sings a song in the style of his or her era.

Assassins is highly engaging, with stand-out performances from Brendan Hanson as John Wilkes Booth and Will O’Mahoney as Garfield killer Charles Guiteau.

WHAT: Assassins.

WHERE: Heath Ledger Theatre, Perth.

WHEN: Until July 1.