Mandurah: Peter Jackson is a breakfast radio host in the morning, superman the rest of the day

Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson

BREAKFAST host Peter Jackson is a morning radio host during the morning and a bit of a superman the rest of the time.

The man of many talents, teaches media studies at Austin Cove Baptist College, is a councillor at the City of Mandurah and on top of all that is a father-of-five.

He started his radio career back in 1984 and has certainly come a long way since his days as a factory worker.

“I started in radio when I was 20 in New Zealand after working as a welder,” Peter said.

“At one point I part-owned and was the director of a TV station over there, but radio is always something I’ve loved. I just love the culture of radio.

“I came to Australia for a break really, all my family were here, thinking I would retire from radio but I missed it.”

Peter started working at 6MM in 2005 and has been an integral part of the Mandurah community ever since.

He contributes as a board member of the tourism body for Peel (MAPTO) as well as acting as chairman for the Mandurah Liquor Accord; working toward building a better drinking culture in the area.

In his spare time (whenever he finds some) Peter enjoys soaking up the laid back Mandurah lifestyle.

“I love the city, we’ve just built a new house actually, really exciting for the future,” Peter said.

“I enjoy boating, I have been known to pull up at the jetty and grab a coffee whilst pottering around the estuary. I just love the lifestyle here in Mandurah.

“I also enjoy being a part of my motorcycle club – a bunch of us guys from church have a group and we often head out on trips – I love doing that. My wife often jumps on the back and we can go out for coffee too, it’s just really nice for down-time.”

Catch Peter Jackson on-air during 6MM’s $10k summer from 6am to 10am weekdays on Peel’s 6MM (1116 AM).