Mandurah singer features on album

Mandurah singer features on album

MANDURAH singer Tiarna Madison (16) has been featured on a new album by contemporary/pop singer Andy Michaels, who asked the young talent to collaborate with him on his latest album Incendiary Heart.

“I found her at a talent quest that I ran in Mandurah last year,” Michaels said.

The album is being played on more than 1000 radio stations and receiving rave reviews overseas.

Michaels is from Perth and delivers songs with a keen sense of melody and poignant lyrics to create a mesmerising music experience.

After suffering an incapacitating car accident in his late teens, Michaels picked up a guitar and from within, a spark ignited.

He has written more than 100 songs that have been in radio rotation around the world, garnering stellar reviews and a worldwide following. He said Incendiary Heart was a powerful, deep, and melodic album with 14 tracks of contemporary/pop songs with thought-provoking lyrics.