Peel CCI Business Excellence Awards social photos

Alyssa and Hayden Ballantyne.
Alyssa and Hayden Ballantyne.

ABOUT 400 people celebrated the achievements of local business at the Alcoa Peel Business Excellence Awards last night.

The event was hosted by the Peel Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Peel Convention Centre.

Bec Moore and Michelle Wong.
Ryan Ohde, Pete Dawe and Todd Jenkins.
Savannah-Rose Skelton.
Sylia Jenkins, Jess Ohde and Kin Dawe.
Leanne Ashton.
Libby Elliott.
Della Perkins, Tahlia Allen and Liz Harrison.
Lorraine and Michelle Cox.
Courtney Hollins.
Kayla Diprose.
Kayla Nicholls.