Shrek: The Musical review: wonderful Mandurah show not to be missed

Donkey (Jioji Nawanawa) and Shrek (Nicholas Gaynor) in Shrek.
Donkey (Jioji Nawanawa) and Shrek (Nicholas Gaynor) in Shrek.

THE theatre was cold, the show was too long at two and three quarter hours, particularly when there were small children in the audience and the orchestra a tad too loud.

Apart from that, Shrek: the Musical was the brilliant production one has come to expect from director Karen Francis.

Everyone knows the story of the hulking green ogre who, after being mocked and feared, retreats to a swamp and how a gang of homeless fairy tale characters including Pinocchio, Snow White and the Three Pigs, strike a deal with him.

A cast of thousands (or so it seems) bring the story to life with impressive and highly professional costumes, magical sets and nifty choreography.

Standout performances from an impeccable cast come from Harry Stacey as the height-challenged Lord Farquaad who brilliantly plays the role on his knees with his little legs dangling in front of him while garnering most of the laughs and Jioji Nawanawa as Donkey.

Stacey was to play the wolf but took over the role of Farquaard just a week before opening night when Paul Hayward became sick with laryngitis to turn in a winning performance on the night.

Nawanawa only wanted to be involved in the show but was persuaded to audition for Donkey and his take on the character is an absolute joy.

Don’t miss it.

WHAT: Shrek: the Musical
WHERE: Mandurah Performing Arts Centre
WHEN: Tonight, Saturday and Sunday

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