Spiritualist Pam McCagh feels the urge for automatic writing

Pam McCagh with her two latest books.
Pam McCagh with her two latest books.

PAM McCagh can be in a shopping centre, the shower or lying in bed when an unusual feeling comes over her and the urge comes.

The urge to write, that is.

And off she goes, the words just pouring on to the page in what is known as automatic writing.

The international clairvoyant doesn’t know where her skill comes from and puts it down to a near-death experience after a suicide attempt in her 20s, when she believes she “crossed to the other side”.

From that moment, she believes her psychic abilities were born.

Not only do the words come to her but also the people involved to tell her their story. She claims to see and hear the spirit world.

On the Times we talked to her, she had seen a soldier in full uniform pulling on gloves beside an old-fashioned car.

To date she has written 18 books – 11 of which have been published – and 769 stories.

Other books wait to be edited and more stories wait to be written.

“I wish I could turn them out more quickly; they take two weeks to write then must be edited and printed in the US,’’ she said.

Yorkshire-born Pam, also known as Pam from England, has researched automatic writing but knows no-one who can do it nor where it comes from.

“I could never have written them without the help of my spirit guide,’’ she said.

Her latest offerings are Shadow Children and A Lifetime of Memories.

In Shadow Children, children who have died come together to help their mothers realise they are still with them.

She has received two medals for her work in the US.

McCagh loves teaching and will hold a workshop at her Greenfields home on July 9 to demonstrate psychometry (the ability to discover facts about an event or person by touching inanimate objects associated with them) and photographic readings and how to connect with loved ones who have passed on.

She can be contacted on 0450 103 578.

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