The aftermath of war explored

The aftermath of war explored

Wolfla is the centre�s part time contemporary dance program co-ordinator.

Written by Yvette Wall, Dolls From The Sky is set in 1953 and explores bigotry, racism, grief and various struggles as the former serviceman is visited by local parishioners who cause tensions to rise as various truths are revealed.

Wolfla said the play focuses on a woman�s struggle with loss after losing a partner in the war and explores how three different woman are living with the war�s aftermath.

�You meet a war veteran affected by post-traumatic stress disorder who, although an alcoholic and recluse, still believes in the power of closure when struggling with loss,� she said.

�I like the play because it talks about war from a woman�s eyes and examines the emotional toll it took on women and small communities after the men didn�t come home from the war.

�It looks at a woman�s need for closure after the loss of her husband on the battlefield � something that was very real for women left behind after World Wars I and II.�

Wolfla said directing a play that had never been performed was her main challenge.

�I am thrilled to be working closely with the playwright Yvette Wall, both as an actress (she plays Margaret) and as the creator of this work,� she said.

�I am lucky Yvette is taking this opportunity to workshop the script, making the rehearsal process a valuable time for her and I to really examine the layout of the play and make sure all the parts fit neatly together.

�In working collectively, I hope my directorial decisions fit Yvette�s ideas, as well as give her and the rest of the cast the opportunity to feel as though they own a small part of this never-performed play.

�When directing a work that has never been performed before, it�s a first time for everything, allowing me to make creative choices from my own experiences and not being informed by a previous director’s work.�

Dolls From The Sky is part of the theatre�s short play season, An Anzac Duo, and was inspired by the playwright�s parents� journey as post-war immigrants to Australia.

�I did some historical research to write this play � it�s dedicated to my parents.�