Great White, playing at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre

In deep water... Lauren and Jack in Great White.
In deep water... Lauren and Jack in Great White.

THE waters of Mandjar Bay may feel a little too close for comfort when Mandurah Performing Arts Centre presents Great White, the award-winning production from WA theatre company The Skeletal System.

This play by WA playwright Will O’Mahony sees two tiny people caught in a too huge ocean with one very hungry fish.

Jack and Lauren are trapped in a nightmare that only one of them can escape.

When young love meets a giant fin, suddenly life seems large, scary and beautiful.

The Skeletal System won over critics and audiences with this tale of blood and heartache in the deep blue sea when it premiered at the Blue Room in Northbridge in 2013.

The company is renowned for exploring the dynamics associated with the known and the unknown – where characters are thrown into a world they can’t quite comprehend and where their responses and reflections, language and interaction can be both charming and terrifying.