100 additional rock lobsters for fishers

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UP to 23,400 rock lobsters will be available for WA fishers again this summer with each person allowed to catch an additional 100 lobsters to sell locally.

The Local Lobster Program, which enables Western Australians to purchase a lobster from the back of a fishing boat, will start again on Sunday.

Special tags will be used to identify lobsters landed for the Local Lobster Program, which was introduced by the WA government in 2016.

The holder of a West Coast Rock Lobster Managed Fishery Licence or master of an authorised boat named on a MFL may collect 100 tags.

The Local Lobster Program will start on Sunday.

Under the program rules, commercial fishers may sell tagged local lobsters to the public from the back of their boats, or to supply local fish retailers and restaurants or donate them to a registered charity.

The program will start on December 1 and will run until April 30 next year.

“The program is one way of providing an opportunity for more Western Australians to access local lobsters and to celebrate our iconic seafood,”¬†Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly said.

“It’s ideal that these extra lobsters will be available to share with friends and family during the period where we celebrate Christmas, New Year, Australia Day and Easter.”

Meanwhile, the new fishing season for blue swimmer crabs in WA returns on December 1 after a three-month break.

More information on where to buy a tagged local lobster can be found on the Local Lobster Program Buy & Sell Facebook page.

For more information, visit http://www.fish.wa.gov.au.

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