A bright future for natural resources

At the launch of Binjareb Boodja Landscapes 2025, council chairwoman Jan Star AM said the important strategy maps a framework and investment plan for natural resource management (NRM) in the catchment over the next decade.

�This will serve to attract investment funding into our region to protect our very special environment,� she said.

�Binjareb Boodja Landscapes 2025 is the result of extensive and significant community consultations throughout the Peel-Harvey (region).�

Jan Star said the document was a valuable blueprint for environmental management developed in collaboration with the community, land managers, businesses, governments and their agencies.

�The strategy clearly reveals much needs to be done if we want to prevent another ecological collapse,� she said.

�We know continued population growth increases pressure on the health of the Peel-Harvey�s ecology, and that our environment is the economic foundation of the catchment.

�Currently, our environment is unstable and unsustainable: we need investment, and this is our community-owned strategy to effect this.�

Mr Hunt said the regional strategy brings together the most recent scientific and community knowledge about the natural and social values of the Peel-Harvey catchment.

�It identifies threats and proposes strategies to sustainably manage the region�s natural resources to 2025,� he said.

Canning MHR Don Randall said the strategy was an important planning tool.

�The strategy identifies key priorities to preserve biodiversity in the catchment, including action to protect the Peel-Yalgorup Ramsar wetlands, which is an important area for waterbirds in south-western Australia,� he said.