Allegation of Girl on Film Leads to Fight in Brighton Hotel

Jenelle Spencer is out on bail while she receives counselling.
Jenelle Spencer is out on bail while she receives counselling.

A FIGHT broke out at the Brighton Hotel on May 17 and landed a former nightclub “promo girl” in court.

Jenelle Elizabeth Spencer pleaded guilty at Mandurah Magistrates Court to unlawfully assaulting another woman on June 16.

She is already banned from licensed venues in WA for 12 months for her behaviour.

Spencer appeared in custody after failing to appear in court previously.

The police prosecutor said it was 12.12am and Spencer was on the dance floor at the Brighton Hotel, while the victim was sitting with her friend at a nearby table.

Her victim walked past her holding her phone up.

Spencer thought her victim was filming and they became involved in a verbal altercation as she walked past.

Spencer threw the contents of her glass at the victim. The victim threw a punch at Spencer and missed.

Spencer reacted by pulling the victim’s hair and dragging her to the floor, where she punched and kicked her.

The women had never met before their altercation.

The victim received bruising and swelling to her head.

Spencer’s defence lawyer brought the court’s attention to his client’s attractive appearance, pointing out her blonde hair and slim figure.

He said her appearance could have been the reason for the altercation.

“There were issues between the ladies,” he said. “The kick to the complainant’s head came when the security guard was pulling her off.”

Magistrate Vivien Edwards said she was concerned that the throwing of the drink then led to pulling the victim’s hair, to throwing her on the ground.

“I’m not convinced Ms Spencer won’t continue to act like that again,” she said.

“She needs counselling on how she can deal with conflict in these situations. I am concerned at the level of violence.”

Spencer was remanded on $1000 bail for six weeks so she can undergo counselling. She will reappear on July 26 for sentencing.