Assault, damage cost man $2200

The man also drove his vehicle into his partner’s car, causing extensive damage.

The 33-year-old man pleaded guilty to reckless driving, damaging property and common assault.

Police prosecutor Ser-geant Mick Fallows said the man was driving a four-wheel-drive on Hakea Place, Carcoola, on February 7, and saw a bare-|chested male coming out of his partner’s house.

Sgt Fallows said the man punched the man leaving the home and threw a limestone block through the window of the victim’s |vehicle.

The court was told the man then drove up a kerb, crashed into a letterbox and struck his partner’s car.

While Sgt Fallows said about $4500 worth of damage was caused to the vehicle, lawyer Brian Mahon disputed that sum.

There were also discrepancies about the state of the couple’s relationship.

While Sgt Fallows said the incident happened around the time the relationship was breaking down, Mr Mahon said the man thought the relationship was OK.

Mr Mahon said the |incident was an act of stupidity. He said the man had been emotional and alcohol was involved.

Since the incident the relationship had ended and he had had counselling.

The man was fined $2200 and lost his licence for eight months.