Ayesha is off to Singapore

Ayesha Patterson demonstrates an app.
Ayesha Patterson demonstrates an app.

The 21-year old, along with nine other students, who are studying aged care, children’s services, community services, disability services or nursing at Challenger Institute of Technology, were chosen as ambassadors for WA at the global conference in June.

The conference also includes participants from Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Ms Patterson will present on the theme Selfless Samaritans: Caring for the Underprivileged and her involvement in the conference will contribute to her global knowledge of the disability services area, increase her employability outcomes and allow her to network with global peers.

As someone who is visually impaired, she believes having a disability has given her first-hand experience applicable to her studies towards a Certificate IV in Disability at Challenger Institute.

‘My own visual impairment doesn’t stop me from participating in my own community and interests,” she said.

‘I’m looking forward to being able to promote this message further at the conference.”

As part of her studies, she undertook a work placement at the Association for the Blind where she works specifically with assisted technology and inclusion.

‘I adapt technology such as smart phones and iPads so that the visually impaired can benefit from their inbuilt features,’ she said.

‘ I look at apps that may be useful to them.’

Challenger’s director of international relations Alex Elibank-Murray said it was an extremely valuable opportunity for Ayesha, as it was rare for students in the vocational education and training sector to be able to actively participate in a global conference.

On her return, Ms Patterson will undertake a full re-entry program to enable her to link the skills she gained from the experience to employability skills required in the workplace.