Baby Nate has bounced back

Baby Nate Earl, now 11 months old. Picture: Jon Hewson         d442943
Baby Nate Earl, now 11 months old. Picture: Jon Hewson        d442943

A year ago, Monique Earl was aware her soon to be born baby had transposition of the great arteries. She, her husband James and two boys, aged five and two, flew to Melbourne for specialist treatment during the birth.

Nate was born blue on September 18. He was immediately intubated and ventilated and put on an infusion called prostin to help keep him stable in order to be transferred to the Royal Children�s Hospital via ambulance.

On arrival a balloon atrial septostomy was performed to keep him alive until surgery.

Seven days post birth Nate had heart surgery and spent 13 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and then another 13 days on the ward.

�It was an emotional roller coaster for my husband and I,� Mrs Earl said.

�It was so hard having my little man taken away straight after birth.�

Mrs Earl said Heartkids were very supportive to her family.

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