Bad luck from broken mirrors lands man in Mandurah Court

A MAN gave broken mirrors causing bad luck as the reason for appearing in Mandurah Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Eddie Creanor Guagnin pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis, possession of a prohibited drug and possessing a glass smoking implement.

The police prosecutor told the court that Guagnin was driving when he was pulled over by police on August 24.

They searched his car and found three small bags of cannabis, 39 dexamphetamine tablets and a glass smoking implement.

When Magistrate Vivien Edwards asked Guagnin about his offending, he said he was prescribed dexamphetamine.

“But I smoke meth when I can’t get dexies,” Guagnin said.

Guagnin said he smoked marijuana when he couldn’t get to sleep.

He said he broke four mirrors this year and had “some bad luck”.

He was fined $700.