Brave Baldrick takes long way

Cliff Nock with Baldrick who was dehydrated and thin. Picture: Jon Hewson d414582
Cliff Nock with Baldrick who was dehydrated and thin. Picture: Jon Hewson d414582

So he began to do what any lost soul would do ” walk and keep walking until he reached home.

Baldrick is an eight-year-old tenterfield terrier owned by Cliff Knock and the little dog was left behind after a fishing trip, but found his way home four days later.

Mr Knock admits to leaving his dog behind, purely by accident.

‘I went fishing with my friend Brian King and we swapped drivers at White Hills Road and that’s when Baldrick must have got out of the car,’ he said.

‘He’s always quick to hop out whenever the car stops but this time we didn’t realise he had.”

It was not until Mr Knock and his friend arrived home that they realised Baldrick was missing.

With the help of family and friends, he door knocked, posted messages on Facebook and contacted the local radio station in a bid to find their beloved pal.

Early on Saturday morning, there was a message from a couple Nigel and Lee.

They had seen a little dog running around near the Dawesville Bridge that matched the description of the missing Baldrick.

But Baldrick would not let anyone close to him.

‘He was caught at the bridge and couldn’t get across the channel,” Mr Knock said.

‘When we collected him he was so dehydrated and thin and his feet were very, very sore.’

Mr Knock said Baldrick had walked about 17km along the beach to reach home.

He said a friend thought he had seen him trotting along Florida Beach.

Mr Knock got Baldrick as a puppy after his divorce and the dog has been a faithful companion.

‘I really did not think I would ever see him again,” he said.