Bravery award for hero father

Laeticia Brouwer
Laeticia Brouwer

THE father of Laeticia Brouwer, who died after being attacked by a shark in 2017, has been recognised for his brave efforts to save his daughter’s life that day.

Laeticia was just 17 when she was attacked by a great white shark while surfing off the Esperance coast in 2017.

The Brouwer family.

The Australian Bravery Award citation recognised that the Singleton man, without regard for his own safety, swam to his injured daughter and pulled her on to his surfboard.

As the shark circled, Mr Brouwer made his way to shore. Laeticia received first aid but could not be revived.

The Australian Bravery Awards recognise people who put the safety of others first in dangerous situations.