Erskine business owner troubled by hoons

owner tired of hooning antics
owner tired of hooning antics

MORE than two weeks ago, Steve Osborn had security cameras stolen from his Erskine business.

He installed new infrared CCTV cameras in a secure location and caught hoons having fun on a Friday night.

Mr Osborn is sick of the anti-social behaviour occurring around his business and around the wider Mandurah area.

He said the bad behaviour has significantly increased in the 11 years he has had the business.

He is calling for increased police patrols in the area.

‘The street in front of my business is a mess. I believe this guy’s done this before and there’s the same burnout marks all over Dawesville,’ he said.

‘Customers drive in here and it looks bad. It’s become worse and I’m worried about cars losing control.’

As far as Mr Osborn knows, there’s no way to clean up burnouts from the road.

The last lot of burnouts had just begun to fade, when the hoon created the new ones.

Mr Osborn reckons police patrols never happen in the area.

Senior Sergeant Dean Snashall said police are reviewing Mr Osborn’s CCTV footage.

They are speaking to possible offenders and are aware of the issues on Galbraith Loop.

Sgt Snashall said they are trying to address these issues through various means, including increasing police patrols.