Adult Trend of Birthday “Cake Smashing” is on the Rise

FEAST your eyes on this, because adults celebrating birthdays in a cakey mess is the latest trend.

Cake smashes are usually the perfect way for babies to celebrate their first birthdays but adults are starting to reconnect with the fun of childhood to mark their own milestones.

While smearing yourself with cake might seem crazy to a conservative 40-something, Baldivis photographer Michelle Sparks said the creative birthday celebration was becoming increasingly popular with those with a strong sense of humour.

“Children playing with food inevitably caused adults to want to have their turn and a good play in front of the camera,” she said.

“It’s a hilarious way to show your real personality. You start with a beautifully decorated cake that you slowly smear, poke at and roll into while being photographed in all your cake-covered glory.”

Ms Sparks, who is one of Perth’s first photographers to leap into this growing niche market, said it was all about adults shifting the spotlight onto themselves for a change.

“Especially mums and dads, who rarely get to be in front of the camera,” she said.

“Why should children always be the centre of attention? As you can imagine, this may be the most fun a busy adult would have in years.

“Overseas it’s already common to have couples, entire families, and bucks and hens parties embracing the concept, because, let’s face it, there’s still a playful child deep down inside every one of us.”

Port Kennedy resident Jacinta Park recently celebrated her 40th birthday in such fashion and called it a “unique, hilarious and totally memorable” way to ring in her fifth decade.

“Starting with a beautiful birthday cake, it was slowly and hilariously poked, smeared, stomped in and rolled on by me with Michelle capturing me in all my cake covered glory.

“(It was) the most fun I’ve had in years.

“My friends watching on had tears of laughter rolling down their faces.

Ms park now has some fabulous photos to commemorate her milestone birthday.

“They will give me a giggle every time I see them for years to come,” she said.