Call to leash dog numbers

K9 Dog Rescue Group president Teresa Smith.
K9 Dog Rescue Group president Teresa Smith.

Ms Smith said it should be compulsory to sterilise dogs to reduce the number of puppies and unwanted dogs.

K9 can accommodate 40 dogs but the rescue centre is always full. Dogs are fostered out to private homes and many have to be turned away.

Volunteer Marilyn Harrison said there was an oversupply of dogs and not enough responsible owners.

She has started a petition for the mandatory de-sexing of dogs, except for registered breeders. The petition has 800 signatures and Ms Harrison is lobbying politicians.

Ms Smith said only licensed breeders should be able to breed dogs.

‘I get disheartened with the attitude of some people,’ she said.

She said some people handed their dog in for ‘stupid reasons’ like having a baby or going on holidays.

‘Of course there are genuine cases of people who love their dog but have to give them up,’ she said.

Ms Smith said the dangerous dog breed legislation should be abolished because it targeted the wrong end of the leash.

Mandurah City chief executive Mark Newman said only restricted breeds of dogs were required to be sterilised.

‘Other dogs that are sterilised are done at the owner’s discretion,’ he said.

‘At this stage the City considers there is no need to change this arrangement.

‘It’s important to note that these laws are set by the State Government.’

Mr Newman said a proposed amendment to the Dog Act would require dogs to be microchipped. However, this is yet to be passed through Parliament.

‘This, coupled with the compulsory registrations for all dogs, should act as a licence for dog owners and encourage greater responsibility,’ he said.